Saturday, 26 February 2011

Writing Buddies, 18 February 2011

The Writing Buddies met at The Art House Café in Southampton on Friday 18 February 2011, where a slightly smaller number than usual were gathered. Regulars Jacqueline, Catherine and Glen sent their apologies.

Lisa has self published her book The Terrible Zombie Of Oz, which is available in paperback on Amazon and e-book in the Amazon Kindle store. Lisa did all the work herself including the jacket design and really enjoyed the process. See The group congratulated her on this achievement.

Tessa is looking to get her books on Kindle, however, Amazon are insisting on 35% of the proceeds.

Jimmy's article has now been published on The Motion Online publication. He is proof reading his book Growing Up in Wartime Southampton: Someone Else's Trousers and this has to be completed by 26 February and returned to The History Press. He has been informed that his book will now be in the shops mid April and his book launch will take place on Sunday 8 May 2011. Jimmy has also finished Java's Revenge and is looking forward to beginning his 15th book.

Elizabeth has now sent off her entries for two short story competitions and is starting the first assignment for The Writers Bureau. She has also done a little more work on her book.

Jacob, at the moment, is just writing for the love of it. He is currently writing counter cards for a board game.

John has reviewed six shows and has received payment for the first four. He recently had a job interview for an Art Workshop and although he was not successful he did gather lots of information. He showed the group IdeasTap literature. See also

Laurel is aiming to enter the Bridport Prize writing competition. She is preparing three entries, a poem, flash fiction and a short story, which she says, she hopes will be 'off the wall.' She is trying something not already thought of. The group gave her encouragement with this.

Annette is contacting various publishers. The Editor of Scots Magazine requested that she email her ideas and the magazine would like to publish her work, for which she will be paid. Regarding the 1950's stories, The History Press like the ideas Annette has put forward. Penny advised Annette that The History Press are good at contacting so will not keep keep her waiting long for a decision. Low royalties though, perhaps only 5%.

Mo has started turning one of her stories into a play. She was at the Nuffield Theatre on Monday and has a meeting in London regarding her poetry.

Penny's latest book deadline is the end of February. The Writing Buddies Anthology is now almost finished. Penny is working on DSFA magazines and has been offered work on Twitter.
She is also considering writing another ghost book.

The next meeting of Writing Buddies is on Friday 4th March at the Art House Cafe, Above Bar, Southampton at 2pm. All with an interest in writing are welcome to come along.

Post by Elizabeth Streatfield.