Thursday, 4 April 2013

Writing Buddies 1st March

Friday 1st March and Writing Buddies met for the second time at the new venue the Dolphin Hotel. The meeting was held in the foyer as we had been told a wedding party was due and they needed the restaurant space.

Jimmy stood in for Penny and gave this news to the meeting.

Jimmy told the meeting about the launch of his new book Not a Guide to Southampton and showed a copy at the meeting.

Jim Brown gave a talk on his latest venture. He showed his i-pad on which all of his books are stored. Jim believes that this is the way publishing is going. He also told us about the way the police force is now being run. As a former Police Officer himself, in his day there were far more police personnel on duty at all times.

Publisher Tessa agreed with Jim about publishing as e-books.  She again pointed out that manuscripts offered in this way must be properly edited before they will be considered for publication.

Ray Dumper told us of his plans for the book he has written about his life. He intends to self publish and knows that quite a lot of his family and friends are showing an interest in this. He has enough material to write his story in two editions and the Writing Buddies wish him luck with this venture.

The meeting ended early due to the noise in the hotel foyer and the Writing Buddies will meet again, at the Dolphin Hotel, Below Bar, on Friday April 5th.  Everyone is welcome.

Notes by James Marsh