Saturday, 3 October 2009

Writing Buddies - Donna Steward

Donna Steward is an excited lady these days. A few weeks ago she came along to Writing Buddies for the first time and announced that she had decided to start writing. At that time she did not know what she wanted to write about, or if she had any writing ability when she did find a subject. Watching Donna blossom into a poet of ability has been a joy the Writing Buddies have shared over the weeks.

Yesterday Donna sent the following very excited email:

'My poem is in the October issue - Inspire page - of SA Promo and the editor used a great photo which, I think, is relevant.
As for the Poets of Africa, it's also on that site now. I have also started my own blog and believe it or not, cannot think of anything to add, including gadgets etc. This blogging business is confusing to me, but I'll get there.
And on that note, I wouldn't be at this stage if not for you and the group, so THANK YOU.'

Donna's poem is on page 77 of SA Promo. Her blog is up and running and, hopefully, being a published poet will inspire her to write something about how she feels at having taken this big step into a new chapter in her life.

Congratulations Donna, from all the Writing Buddies.

If you fancy coming along to join in the fun and chat at the coffee table, the next meeting of the Writing Buddies is on Friday 9th October at 2 o'clock at the Borders bookshop, Southampton.

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