Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Writing Buddies is Moving!

Following on from the announcement that Borders is closing down, I have looked for a new venue for the meeting scheduled for Friday 4th December.

I am pleased to announce that the meeting will take place at 2.30 at the central library, behind Southampton town hall (look for the clock tower if you are coming from out of town).

There is a coffee shop, so please pick up your cuppa and then go into the library and look for the help point (on the right as you walk through the main entrance doors. The word HELP is printed on the wall). Let the staff know you are there for the Writing Buddies meeting and they will direct you to the conference room.

Our guest will be Nicola Guy, commissioning editor for The History Press.

The Writing Buddies would like to thank publicly the staff at the Southampton branch of Borders for their hospitality over the months since we started meeting there. It is such a shame that the shop is closing. We hope that everyone will find new jobs soon.

If you have any queries about the arrangements for Friday 4th December, please email Penny on penny@pennylegg.com The meetings are free and are open to anyone with an interest in writing.

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