Saturday, 16 May 2009

Writing Buddies, stirring up interest!

Writing Buddies is starting to attract attention.

My friend and colleague, Pam Whittington, who has been my right hand in helping to set up Writing Buddies, will be there for the launch on Friday, 22 May. Pam is a local historian, short story writer and novelist. She is a member of the Society of Woman Writers and Journalists and Flair for Words.

Janie and Cass Jackson are also coming. They are the authors of more books than I care to count and the founders of Flair for Words. I was recently at the Flair 21st birthday 'Pow-Wow' in Bournemouth, when we celebrated 21 years of success. It will be great to welcome them to Writing Buddies.

Rob Innis, feature writer for The Inland Magazine magazine in Spain, short story writer, editor of the Writers Bureau student magazine, Chapter and Verse, and Deputy Chairman of the Torrevieja Writers Circle, has blogged about the launch and sent best wishes for our success, as has Simon Whaley, author, photographer, traveller, Writers Bureau tutor and good friend. For some reason I cannot get the link to Simon's blog to work correctly. His site is:

I will, of course, also be there. For those interested, my name is Penny Legg. I am a freelance writer, photographer and editor. A member of the Society of Woman Writers and Journalists and Flair for Words, I edit The Woman Writer, the Society's magazine. I am currently working on a book, Folklore of Hampshire, for The History Press, to be published in July 2010.

Writing Buddies is open to everyone with an interest in writing. Come along to Borders in Southampton at 2 o'clock on Friday, 22 May 2009, and join us for a cuppa and a chat. It's free, just pull up a chair!


  1. Good luck! Hope the event goes well and is the first of many!

    Best Wishes


  2. Thank you so much, Simon! I'll let you know.


  3. Hi
    just to say how much everyone seemed to enjoy the second meeting of writing buddies. A new member turned up and obviously enjoyed the experience. I have gained so much from the first two meetings of this group.
    Listening and talking with other writers, many of them published authors. It lets me know I am not alone as I sit and pound out my ideas in the seclusion of my home.
    Turning up at Borders and enjoying a cup of coffeee with these people lifts me up to another level.

    So why not come along to the next meeting on the 19th of June and enjoy the afternoon with all of us. You will be made very welcome indeed.

    Jimmy marsh