Friday, 22 May 2009

Writing Buddies - A great success!

Well, here we are, the first Writing Buddies. As you can see, there were 10 of us, 8 published writers and 2 aspiring, all with great plans and lots of interest in all aspects of the writing business.

Subjects discussed included the loneliness of the isolated writer, markets - which I will be exploring for the group and bringing suggestions to further meetings, writing associations and societies and a resume of the writing accomplishments of each of the group.

Two ladies from WiS - Writers in Southampton - turned up and told the group about themselves. WiS is a group of published writers who meet on the first Thursday of every month at the Richmond Pub in Portswood. The group is open to all published writers, who receive news of local literary events and can participate in discussions and hear guest speakers. Please contact me if you are interested in details of this group and I will put you in touch with them.

All agreed that having coffee and a chat in Borders was a good idea and there was much laughter amidst the more serious talk.

The next meeting is in two weeks time, on Friday 5th June at 2pm, at the Borders bookshop in Southampton. Join us, you will be very welcome!


  1. I am glad it was successful, not that I had any doubts. I notice the boys are in the minority - as usual! I will balance things up a bit next time I am in Southampton!

  2. A great meeting of literary minds took place this afternoon at Borders! Wonderful to be able to link up with other writers - published and aspiring - representing a multidude of genres. This afternoon we talked latest news writing-wise, including competitions, writing conferences and other local groups. What is good about this new group is its informality and the participants' desire to share information, news and hot tips. Looking forward to the next session! And another Starbucks Caramel Latte and Chocolate Cake...

  3. Great session at Borders this afternoon. I love the way the group is so informal with a willingness on the part of the participants to share information, pass on local knowledge and deliver up some hot tips in terms of what's happening in the literary world! I'll definitely be there in two weeks time when we next get together. Especially as Starbucks do such a lovely Caramel Latte and Chocolate Cake ;D

  4. Hi there. Just got home from the latest meeting and have IMMEDIATELY found the blog so that I can
    add my pennorth. Wow! This is fanstastic, Penny, nearly as good as the live meetings. Keep up the good work, please.
    We're already looking forward to the next meeting by which time I may have news of our new blogsite, thanks to the information gained today.

  5. Hi there bloggers. I've just got back from the meeting in S'hampton and found your (our) blogsite. It's great, Penny - nearly as good as the meeting itself. Keep up the good work, Penny, please.
    Before the next meeting I hope to have learned enough from this last one to have our own up and running! Watch this space. Now to see if I am abel to upload this - Cheers, Cass.

  6. Many thanks to you all for commenting and for enjoying the meetings so much. They really are going well, aren't they?

    Cass, I hope you manage to get your blog up and running by the next meeting. If you have trouble, please contact me and I will see what I can do to help. The fact that you have left two messages here proves you can do it! Well done.

    Julia, thanks so much for the messages. I am glad that you enjoy the meetings. You are enthusiastic and that is great. I hope your book is going well.

    Rob, you really must come over and join us. Let me know when you are next in the UK. The group would love to hear about your adventures in Spain!