Thursday, 20 August 2009

Writing Buddies - Reaction and Photos

There has been some reaction to my earlier posts, which is great.

Simon Whaley emailed me to say:

'Blimey - you did see a lot of new faces. That's all good stuff.
And Yes, Lynne Hackles book is excellent, but then, I'm quoted in it, so I'm biased!
Hope Jimmy gets on okay with his proposal for Best of British.'

Simon joined us for coffee and chat recently and has been keeping up with the Writing Buddies.

Richard Early, a writer who came along to Writing Buddies for the first time last meeting, has sent in some off the cuff photographs. Thanks, Rich. Sadly, I often seem to have my mouth open when there is a photographer about!

By the way, if anyone knows what to do about a font that WILL NOT go black, despite my best efforts, I would like to know! Thanks.


  1. Glad to hear everything's going so well. I've been really disappointed I haven't been able to attend for some weeks due to holidays! It will be good to see everyone this friday.

  2. We've missed you, Sabrina! Hope the holidays were fun though? We look forward to seeing you, and hearing all your latest news, on Friday. Penny