Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Writing Buddies, a senior moment

As readers of this blog will know, I usually write up the meetings for those interested in the Writing Buddies chat. The meeting on 11th September is conspicuous by its absence.

Sadly, in a senior moment, I sent my notebook to join my beloved little point and shoot camera and have been searching for them both for some time. I write this then as a recollection of the meeting, rather than as fact. I hope no one minds and I hope I don't get too much wrong!

We welcomed Fiona Vandersluys to our midst, on a day when we had a lower turn out due to illness. Fiona has been writing for business publications and is now working on a novel.

Richard came along and showed us some examples of the framed poetry he has produced, which has sold well in the past.

Jimmy has been busy with short stories and has had non-fiction work accepted by Best of British magazine. This is his first attempt at article writing. Well done, Jimmy.

Donna is looking forward to writing for SF Magazine and busy bee Jacqueline is working on her anthology of short stories and her detective stories, both for children.

Tessa is working on the next books of her trilogy, following the success of the launch of The Dohlen Inheritance, the first book in the series, earlier this year.

I have been busy working in Cornwall for Cornwall Today and This England magazines. She has also spent a lot of time at the Winchester Records Office seeking possible images for her books. After the meeting I was off to the Southampton Old Green Bowling Club to photograph the investiture of the newest Knight of the Old Green, the winner of the recent Knighthood Competition, held there annually for more than 200 years.

The next meeting is on Friday 25th September at Borders bookshop in Southampton at 2 pm. I will have a new notebook by then!

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