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Writing Buddies, Friday 14 October 2011

The Southampton Writing Buddies met at The Art House Café on 14 October for a lively

chat and update on members' writing achievements.

Jan has not done very much writing lately but continues to collect information for future use.

Karen has been busy illustrating and blogging. She and her sister have an idea to put their childhood games into a book, aimed at the teenage market. The group encouraged her to do this.

Tessa is learning how to programme for E books and finding it to be a tedious process. Tessa feels that Smash Words see is the best way to go as she has found using Kindle involves more work. Tessa reported that her latest book Ladybird Fly is doing well and she proposes to publish it as an E book.

Alan showed the group a letter he had published in the Echo (Your Views) about th

e cenotaph and also a framed poem he wrote 15 years ago.

Veronica informed the group about Forward Poetry of Peterborough see where you will find poetry competitions to enter. Veronica has an entry in the anthology.

Glen has not heard from The History Press but is expecting to receive proofs of Voices of Eastleigh to read and return by the end of October. The book will be published in February. Glen has finished her Poppy poem and has framed copies of it, which she showed to the group. She will donate 10% of the profits from the sale of them to the British Legion. Penny suggested that veteran day events would be a good way of selling them.

Mo advised the group that the launch for Christine Donovan's Jump Derry went well at Writers in Southampton. Mo is at present interviewing actors to perform her character, Shindig, from her book A Blues for Shindig.

Elizabeth is continuing, albeit slowly, with her Writers Bureau course.

Jimmy now has the contract from The History Press for his Pocket Miscellany of Southampton and this is due out mid 2013. He is giving thought to the publication of the first of his Jayden the Goldfish books. His talk at Woolston Library went very well and his next one will be at Bitterne Library on Saturday 5 November at 2.15pm.

Catherine has finished her first draft of her philosophical memoir. This has been planned for years and the book portrays an inner journey. Penny suggested Richard Dawkins’ publishers as possibly being interested in Catherine’s work. See

John informed the group about Apples and Snakes who are running ten workshops helping children see

Penny was pleased to announce that the group's anthology Wordfall will be out on FRIDAY 11 NOVEMBER 2011 and the book's launch will take place at Waterstones, Above Bar branch. On 20 October Penny will be on Radio Solent talking about her ghost book. The British Legion has informed Penny that they will not support her forthcoming book Under the Queen's Colours, which was going to raise money for the Poppy Appeal. She has approached other service charities and these are more than happy to work with her.

Penny advised that Pam Whittington launches her poetry book on 25 October 2011 in Hythe. Glen is considering the Age Concern room in Eastleigh for the launch of her book. General discussion took place as to the different ways of advertising forthcoming book launches.

The next meeting will be on Friday 28 October at 2.00pm. Everyone welcome!

Blog post by Elizabeth Streatfield.

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