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Writing Buddies, 11 November 2011

The Southampton Writing Buddies met at The Art House Café on 11 November to discuss writing matters. Jimmy chaired in Penny's absence.

Karen has started writing about the childhood games she and her sister played and which she hopes can be turned into a series.

Jan has been looking at her nursing stories and writes whenever possible.

Veronica has been focusing on peace matters and showed the group The Christmas Truce by Carol Ann Duffy.

Ray Dumper joined the group for the first time and explained that for some years he has been writing his memoirs. He has reached the stage where he needs help and advice to move forward.

Tessa has been reading e books and recommends Smash Words for any writer thinking of publishing an e book. Tessa has also been working on her current novel.

Jacqueline has been editing her children's novel and will submit to a publisher by the end of November/early December. She has submitted a poem to 'What the Dickens' on the theme of snow, been blogging on the psychology of writing, and sent a pitch to Writer's Forum magazine. Jacqueline is unsure at the moment what to do with her Uncle Frank's war diaries (WW1). She is currently enjoying reading Tessa's first book of her trilogy, The Dohlen Inheritance, and showed the group a copy of the Waterside Herald newspaper which featured the launch of Pam Whittington's poetry book.

Elizabeth has taken a break from fiction writing and written a poem and started two more.

Pam has been busy organising the badges for the Wordfall writers at the launch on Saturday 19 November at Waterstones, Above Bar. She has sent Wordfall off to Society of Women Writers & Editor's magazine The Woman Writer. Pam is very occupied at present reading through a manuscript for a friend. Her poetry book Sunshine and Showers Poetry and Prose has been published and she was pleased to inform the group that her book launch was very successful.

Lisa recently attended a Harper Collins book launch for Miranda Dickinson's It Started with a Kiss. She is continuing to go back and proof read her novel Death in the City and is putting the polishing touches to the 6th chapter of her fantasy horror. She will try John Jarrold Literary Agent for publication.

Glen has not had much contact with The History Press but she is expecting to be proof reading soon. She sold six or seven copies of her framed poem and Romsey Tourist office have taken a quantity to sell.

Jimmy gave a talk at Bitterne Library and was asked if he would be willing to give another in the new year, as listeners outnumbered seats. He is having a little trouble obtaining the coat of arms for Southampton for his book A Miscellany of Southampton. He has been reading through his 'Sundance' series of books and unfortunately lost some edited work but realises the importance of backing up work. Jimmy is continuing to record his published book for The Talking Echo and has completed four chapters so far.

Mo received a large unexpected bill from her internet supplier and found that someone had been downloading vast quantities of material via her router. Mo advised that her publisher is stopping supplying Amazon with her books.

Open discussion mainly focussed on Ray's request for advice. He mentioned that he had read Jimmy's book and had in fact met Jimmy's late father. Ray has been writing for 18 years but he doesn't read books regularly and lacks confidence. In his book he is aiming to emphasise the changes since the 1950's, which is when he grew up. Pam recommended that he join a writers group who will read and give constructive comment on his work. Lisa advised that Brockenhurst College run a Memoir Writing Course, which could be helpful. It was generally agreed that Ray needs to find someone, or a group of writers, who will read his work and give an opinion and that this may involve a financial outlay. Ray had to leave the group early but expressed his thanks for the advice given.

Jacqueline informed the group about The Giving Machine where a vast amount of shops, including Amazon, give to charities. Jacqueline also mentioned that Janice, a Buddy member, was recording a Poetry Corner for The Talking Echo.

Notes by Elizabeth Streatfield.

Jimmy concluded the meeting by reminding everyone that the launch of Wordfall is at Waterstones, Above Bar branch on Saturday 19 November 5.30 – 6.30pm. Also, the recording of The Writing Buddies interview with Katie Martin of Radio Solent is being aired from 14 - 18th November.

The next meeting will be on Friday 25 November at 2.00pm.

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