Monday, 8 June 2009

Writing Buddies - From One of Our Writers

This has come in as a comment from one of our members, James Marsh.


just to say how much everyone seemed to enjoy the second meeting of writing buddies. A new member turned up and obviously enjoyed the experience. I have gained so much from the first two meetings of this group.

Listening and talking with other writers, many of them published authors. It lets me know I am not alone as I sit and pound out my ideas in the seclusion of my home.

Turning up at Borders and enjoying a cup of coffeee with these people lifts me up to another level.

So why not come along to the next meeting on the 19th of June and enjoy the afternoon with all of us. You will be made very welcome indeed.

Jimmy Marsh

Thanks Jimmy. There has been a flurry of comments on this site from our writers recently. After two meetings, we are going strong!

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  1. The fourth meeting of writing Buddies and what a huge sucess it was. we had the delight of our first Guest Simom Whaley. And he was marvelous.It brightened up the meeting to know someone like Simon was willing to take the time to sit and chat with us at Borders. Again I have to say it opens new horizens for me when something like this happens andI was able to get some much needed advice about one of my characters from the Davie Collins series of books I have just finished writing. Most of the people rounnd the table apprciated what I was trying to present with this character and gave me some very encouraging tips about presentation.
    So come on all of you writers in Southampton and beyond, we are there every other Friday afternoon at 2pm. You are all welcome to join us