Monday, 8 June 2009

Writing Buddies - We Have a Winner!

Hot off the presses is the news that Julia Painter has won the WriteOnSite competition held on Saturday 30th May.

The announcement is as follows:

We are pleased to announce that a winner has been chosen for the WriteOnSite competition held on Saturday the 30th May 2009.

Congratulations to Julia Painter who has won the competition with the entry 'Man-made fibres'!

Julia won with 45% of the votes, taking home the prize fund of £40.00. The runners up were Simon Hall with ‘The free climber’ and Joanna Campbell with ‘The Scarlet Ribbon’.

Themes: 1 Scarlett 2 Footsteps 3 Chaz's 1970's polo-necked cardigan 1 'Blending' contained 'The colour of our love blistered into a pale bubble' This was a strong contender. 'The Scarlett Ribbon' was about men - 'an assortment to dip into'. A social scene well-evoked about women following men, containing also ...'a storm cloud of mosquitoes'. And then at the end something really happened. Was short-listed. 'Scarlet' featured a man's transformation via make-up and more. 'Strawberry' had an immediately fast pace, clever use of a reflective tone in conjunction with the practicalities under the make-up artist. 'Scarlett' had a girl working for an auction house who gets very interested in a figure in her own image. Clever and a good idea. 2 Featured 'Following' - a woman thinks she is being followed, perhaps she has done something wrong? She hasn't. A good twist. 'Running' was somebody definitely escaping their pursuers, exciting! 'The free climber' was highly descriptive, we were guessing a combination of themes 1 and 2.' With 'Footseps:' we wanted to know who was on the other side of the door. 'Footsteps' was simple, good strong writing - poignant and a clever idea: the footseps of a blind person. 3 'Man-made fibres' had pace, with sentences cracking along. We liked the intimacy with the father and the child, and the minatue of clothing described. Cloying. Claustrophobic. Enoyed the Basil Brish inference too! You voted this your winner! 'The Music Man' contained 'Call me Chaz. I didn't.' Funny, good dialogue. 'A comfort' was the tale of a man clinging to the memory of his wife through a cardigan - plausible writing here. And with 'Unpicking' a woman recycles a cardigan for the next generation. Plausible and moving.

You can read this and previous winning entries on the WriteInvite website.

The next competition will start at 5:30pm on Saturday the 13th June 2009

Entry is just £4.00 with the winner taking home half ‘the pot’ (with a guaranteed minimum win of £5)!

Congratulations, Julia.


  1. Aw thanks Penny - that really perked me up!!!

  2. You are welcome, Julia. Talent has to be acknowledged. We are all proud that a Writing Buddy has had success.

  3. Wow, congrats Julia - that's awesome!